I’m a little down atm and would love some questions! I’ll answer them after I get done with my digital art homework.

Some self-indulgent art to cheer me up.
Back in the day Panic (well Post-Panic) and I used to hang out a lot. We went on a couple of wacky adventures, the one I usually mention being a story called “A Regular Mondrian.”

Some self-indulgent art to cheer me up.

Back in the day Panic (well Post-Panic) and I used to hang out a lot. We went on a couple of wacky adventures, the one I usually mention being a story called “A Regular Mondrian.”

The person in your writing club doesn't seem to be a very good writer. Meaning is giving to words through context, not textbook definition. Yes, f----t might be the term for cigarette butts in the UK, but in the context of the story it was used as a slur against a drag queen. :/

Exactly. Thanks for seeing my point, anon.

I think she was trying to encourage me to let the situation go and not dwell on it, but just went about it the wrong way. What she could’ve said instead of “well it was just something the character said, and it makes the story more realistic” is “I understand you didn’t like what she added on to your story, but it was just an activity in writing club.” It’s frustrating to me since this girl (one of the anime girls) has expressed her feelings to me before and I’ve helped her out, and to have her go ahead and not sympathize with me just in the moment was kind of jarring. The only reason I brought it up with her is because I had helped her in the past and was hoping she’d do the same favor for me… so I now know not to ask her for help with airing out feelings again.


I was working on a drawing and… somehow this layer got merged with the lineart and it messed it up

I know I can fix it but gosh between this and the previous thing, I just don’t have the patience right now

more things with writing club

There’s a difference between a swear word and a slur (tw: slurs)

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Busy day ahead it seems! Good luck!
busy day as always! tomorrow and friday will be similar.

The seder last night was really nice! I had a good time and ate nice food without getting a stomach ache.

I came back and wrote another paragraph to my paper. I remembered that I don’t have sociology class today so after the appointment at the career center and then lunch, I can come back to my dorm and hopefully write the rest of the paper. Then I’ll go to English, then writing club, then dinner, then in the night I’m going to work on art at the computer lab.phew!

going home for passover seder

I’m going home for the seder tonight and will be sleeping over, to return in the morning tomorrow and work on my English paper.

I’m not bringing the iPad to give my hands a break. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Book Reccomendation: The Engelsfors Trilogy

You guys have heard by know that I really enjoyed Dave Egger’s The Circle. And when I enjoy a book I like to entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe, there’s a TVTropes page for it. So when I saw there was an entry for Literature/TheCircle, I was excited. But it was a different novel called The Circle - a Swedish YA trilogy, the first two books of which have been translated into English.

And let me tell you, that book and its sequel Fire were GREAT!

The Circle, the first in the Engelsfors Trilogy, tells the story of a group of disparate students who are entering high school at the same time they discover (on the night of a blood red moon which IS ALSO TONIGHT IN REAL LIFE) they are collectively the Chosen Ones meant to save the world from multidimensional demons bent on causing the apocalypse. Maybe that sounds cheesy but it’s not. There are so many twists and turns in this book that it would honestly be spoilers for me to tell you more. The story switches around third person perspectives of the main characters, and you grow to love all the Chosen Ones, even the ones who are jerks. The writing is fast paced and realistic - there’s a fair amount of swearing, drug usage and sex, but all done at a level I found tasteful, and I’m a good barometer for that kind of thing. I love the mythology and the mystery. Also I’m totally, hard-core hoping two characters get together in the third book. Really, for any fan of YA novels and dark fantasy novels, this series is a must-read. Can’t wait for The Key!

gomecatnip said:(in regards to Postojnamon X)

Oh my gosh this is so amazing!! I also didn’t get to comment on the Adult stage but that was extremely badass too! Aaaaah the whole Olmmon X line seems so amazing, cave salamander dragon!!

Thank you so much Gomis! I’m having a lot of fun designing this X-antibody line! I think Olmmon was really the perfect candidate.